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We manufacture and supply License Disk Holders of high quality. We are in the market of creating brand awareness, whether it is for your large corporate company, your school or a car dealership.

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Artwork Guide

We will be using your artwork to fill your order - The license disk holder branding will only be as good as any artwork supplied.
When designing your artwork for your license disk holder:
• Refer to our Home Page and your relevant license disk holder colour to make sure that the artwork you send to us fits into prescribed dimensions.
• Allow for an extra 2mm-3mm margin within your branding area size, as the actual logo area size will serve as the cutting line and could damage your design if this is not catered for

A - This is where your logo will go
B - This is the area your branding will take up, including the cutting line - (57mm)
C - This is the margin you must leave within your cutting line (B). All your design work must fall within this margin

See completed artwork below

Please Note: The dimensions of the artwork should follow the actual measurements provided for the branding area in this artwork guide; as opposed to their appearance on screen as this is just an artistic impression.

How do I send you my


You can send your artwork to us by email or disk. Email is best - it's quick and easy.
Please email artwork to:
If sending a CD-R please deliver it to:
Unit 11 - Laserdowns Industrial Park, Johan Road, Laser Park, Honeydew, 2040
Please ensure your artwork is formatted for a PC - we do not use Macs.
What to do if you don't have any artwork. If you want something simple - for example text only on a stamp such as "John's Autoworks" - we can help you. We will do this for you free of charge.
If you are looking for something more detailed and can't produce the artwork yourself, we suggest you ask a friend with a graphics package on their computer to help you out.